Visiting Specialist Position – Darwin

Article by Belinda Mellowes

ANZAOMS has recently been contacted by Dr Mahiban Thomas regarding a need for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery support in Darwin following the current resident OMS taking extended leave. The OMS department, which had previously performed all facial trauma work, is now seeking expressions of interest from OMS surgeons to continue to support this need. Dr Thomas is interested in hearing from ANZAOMS members who may be in a position to support this vacancy.

The visiting specialist will receive financial compensation, as well as being compensated for air travel, accommodation and a car made available during their time in Darwin. This is both a short and medium term opportunity (one ANZAOMS member is already providing services on a part time basis in the immediate term) so if you feel that you may have future availability to assist please let us know. If you are interested in learning more, please email Belinda Mellowes at and we will provide contact details for the appointment

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