State Branches

ANZAOMS has the following branches within Australia and New Zealand.

The local branches support the Objects of the Association, deal with matters relevant to local members and arrange local events. All ANZAOMS Members are eligible to join their local branch. However, you must be an ANZAOMS member to join your local ANZAOMS branch.

New Zealand Branch

  • ANZAOMS Councillor: Dr Rakesh Jattan
  • Chair: Dr Derek Goodisson
  • Treasurer: Mr Les Snape

NSW/ACT Branch

  • Chair: Dr Jasvir Singh
  • ANZAOMS Councillor & Secretary: Dr James Kim

QLD/NT Branch

  • Chair (& ANZAOMS Councillor): Dr Jen-Ti (Rachel) Hsieh
  • Secretary: Dr Michael Burgess

SA Branch

  • ANZAOMS Councillor: Dr Zahi Khouri
  • Chair: Dr Andrew Cheng
  • Secretary: Dr Orhan Yelegin

VIC/TAS Branch

  • ANZAOMS Councillor: Mr Ricky Kumar (1300 323 324)
  • Chair: Dr Lisa Crighton (03 9686 9400)
  • Secretary: Dr Amish Patel (0409 616 489)
  • Treasurer: Dr Felix Sim (03 9731 8700)
  • TAS Contact: Dr Paul Sillifant

Contact Details – Secretary ANZAOMS VIC/TAS
Mail: 299 Princes Highway, Werribee VIC 3030
Telephone: 03 9088 8666

WA Branch

  • Chair (& ANZAOMS Councillor): Dr Nathan Vujcich
  • Secretary (& ANZAOMS Junior Councillor): Dr Peter Ricciardo

What is ANZAOMS?

The Australian and New Zealand Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (ANZAOMS) is the professional representative organisation for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMS).

Our focus is on the advancement, advocacy for, and continuing education of OMS, through engagement with all levels of government, regulators, key public and private stakeholders and the general public.

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